Bike Library

The Margaret Hendry School NCS Bike Library is just as it seems- a library- but instead of books- its bikes! You can borrow a bike for an extended period of time, and being it back when you are ready to upgrade! Bikes are expensive and kids grow out of them really quickly- so this sustainable option is for you! Borrowing times will be released twice a term- stay tuned for more details!

CycleJams: Want to learn how to fix your bike? Just want to tinker with other people? This term Cycle Jams will be hosting two “Jams” here at school- in our Bike Library. Bring your own bike or work with one of ours. Dates TBC- qualified volunteers will be supporting us, with Murray from Cycle Jams.

Bike Library Workshop Friday 23rd April 2021

The Bicycle Library Canberra presents Fix 'N' Ride Jam Session at Taylor. Come and learn how to ride a bike, hire a bike from the bike library and learn some maintenance tips and tricks.
Bring your bike along or if you don't have one, we have bikes available for you to use!
When: Fri, 23 April, 3.30pm - 5pm
Where: Margaret Hendry School (Taylor)
Please make sure to register here: