Children’s Parliament

Children’s Parliament

Children's Parliament is a group of elected students dedicated to making the school better for all members of our community, with a special focus on the students. We work with the Principal to align the key projects for our unique Minister Portfolios to the goals of the strategic plan.

We have advisors from the student body supporting us to enact our Ministry portfolios and reflect on progress throughout the year. One of the ways we reflect, review and refine process as well as increase our capacity as leaders is to seek feedback from children and staff after every event we create.  This makes sure we are always focussing on improving the experiences for children but also making us into better leaders for the future.

Our Ministers consist of:

Our Ministers have recently been joined by student advisors to promote more leadership roles amongst the 3-6 community. The advisers work with the ministers on their portfolios to deliver key objectives across the whole school.

MHS Ministers

MHS Ministers

Let’s celebrate Who we are Together Week

As a new school, MHS works hard to be diverse, caring, and to be a community. What better way to celebrate than Who We Are Together Week? Well, I’ll start at the beginning, Monday.

Harmony day! You're invited to wear orange, learn about what harmony really is, to celebrate and also do activities showing harmony with one another! Such as, Borrowed Words, where you look at the different words that were borrowed, such as Entreé which was borrowed from the French. And the word 'anonymous' comes from the Greek word 'anōnumos'. Did you know that?

You can also look at Bilingual Counting, asking friends or Learning Coaches if they can count to 10 in a different language. These activities are about how we have shown harmony and shared what is ours.

The next day, it's the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Children will learn more about bullying, what bullying is and who can support us if we are facing concerns and what it means to be a bystander.

An activity we can do is what I call, “Who’s Best?”. You write down 3 of the greatest attributes of yourself and throw it! Someone else will come and pick it up, and try and match it back to you, this way instead of seeing the bad, we see the good in each other.

Woohoo! It's Wednesday! Community day! Are you excited? Well, no one is more excited than Children's Parliament. We put a lot of effort into making sure the community lunch sausage sizzle was a huge success! The sausage sizzle is run by all members of the Children’s Parliament, and did I mention it was a fundraiser? Well, we are raising money for future projects in MHS!

We have to give our thanks to Faizaan, (Minister for Finance) for taking care of all things money! We have options like Gluten Free, Halal and vegetarian, so that everyone can enjoy the sausages! Everyone come on up and grab a sausage and a juice box and join in for fun activities! Our Minister for Play - Kaylee - worked hard to put together a bunch of different games for us, including a dance off, within our community groups! Come and play some games like as tug-of-war, big connect four, basketball, handball, soccer, and just hang with your mates!

It's Thursday, Rights, Responsibilities, and Opportunities Day! Together, we’re going to look into those 3 pillars and learn about what it means to be a responsible self-manager. At the end of the day, we are going to show what we made or found about these pillars!

Whoop! Last day of the week, and just to kick things off, it’s Multi Cultural Day! You're invited to wear your culture and participate in all the cultural activities! My favourite part would be sharing your culture through objects! We all presented something that we celebrate, love, do, with everyone!

And now, the week is over! So much effort was put into this, and I think I can speak for all of the Ministers of Children's Parliament when I say, we hope you enjoyed “Who we are Together Week!”

Written By Amy Grace, Minister for Marketing and Communications at MHS

As I stand on this land I can't help but thank the Ngunnawal people, past, present and emerging, who are letting us live, play, and learn on their land. Thank you.