Margaret Hendry School Library

The Margaret Hendry library has around 13,000 resources for supporting teaching and learning at school and a significant portion of that is accessible for children to select books for home borrowing.

We have a wide selection of book types, formats and genres including:

We regularly purchase new release books and try to have multiple copies of popular books to support our children to have access to books they want to read.

Children are always welcome to make book recommendations and requests and ordering and purchasing always considers the children’s interests and learning needs.

The library is open during some breaks (see specific times below) and provides a warm, relaxing and fun environment.

Library Break Time Activity Options:

Break Time Opening Times:

Tuesday and Wednesday

Break 2

Thursday & Friday

Break 1

LC 1 & LC 3

LC 2 & LC4

Library books are usually loaned for 1-2 weeks. Overdue book notices are sent out throughout the year. Please support your children to keep our books safe and respect the time and money each book requires to be available for borrowing.

If books do get damaged, please still return them to the library and if possible we ask that families offer to purchase a replacement or something similar.

Each Term we encourage families to order through Scholastic Book Club, all orders support the library as we earn reward dollars for each purchase. Books club information is shared via Seesaw announcements and through regular home communications.

Book Donations are welcome. Please ensure books are very high quality (almost new) and are age appropriate.

Currently Family Borrowing is still not available.

For all Library related questions or wonderings please email Bridgette Manley