Margaret Hendry School is an inclusive learning environment within which all children are supported to become empowered learners. Community wellbeing, children, families and staff  is essential to grow and nurture empowered learners who can thrive in their future worlds.

At school, children are expected to make choices that reflect the school's four pillars for learning: Grow, Connect, Collaborate and Love. By demonstrating these pillars at all times, we ensure our community lives, learns and plays by a set of shared values. This helps us to form friendships and to understand one another. No matter who we are, or where we are, our actions, words and choices define us as a community, and these values help to keep us safe at school.

Margaret Hendry School is a Positive Behaviours for Learning School (PBL). PBL is an ACT Education Directorate approved initiative that aims to improve learning and wellbeing for all children in all school settings. PBL has informed the development of the school’s Who We Are Together framework which outlines the rights responsibilities and opportunities for the school community.

At MHS, we want children to make decisions that reflect their understanding of being an active and positive community member. When children uphold the school pillars, our rights are honoured each day. When reflecting on the things that happen at school, we always talk to each other about rights, responsibilities and opportunities. If we understand our responsibilities and honour each other’s' rights, lots of exciting opportunities can come our way. A positive, safe and supportive learning culture will be achieved when we live, learn and play by these agreed expectations.

Who we are together