Community Groups

Community Groups

Every Wednesday at Margaret Hendry School is Community Day.

Community Day is characterised by Connection, Conversation and Culture with the intention of creating positive social impact within community. As a community, we are diverse in nature. We come from varying cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and when we unite, our backgrounds and experiences provide rich and meaningful ‘windows’ into others’ cultures and ways of being, along with ‘mirrors’ our own culture and ways of being.

As a large school, we foster close relationships within each Learning Community (sub-school). To retain whole-school unity, we come together on Wednesdays in our Community Groups: Pitt, Mabo, Alcott and Steer.  Each Community Group is represented by an inspirational Australian who aligns with our pillars for learning: Grow, Connect, Collaborate and Love. Each Community Day, children are invited to wear their community colours and take action by making small or large acts to positively impact their local community and beyond.

At the heart of each Community Day is the opportunity for rich conversation. It is through conversation that we learn new things. It offers us the opportunity to explore possible lines of inquiry and deepen our knowledge of others’ ways of being, knowing and doing. During these times, we wonder, we question, we teach, we learn.

Community is all inclusive. We promote inclusion through the sharing of culture, history and traditions from the people within our community and beyond. This can be seen through families attending the school to share stories either written or oral in their home language, share traditional games, showcase traditional dress and celebrations, demonstrate and share cooking/recipes and ways of coming together, and more.