Connection, respect and participation are central to a positive learning environment and a strong sense of community. When your child joins Margaret Hendry School so do you!

We understand that becoming involved in school life has been challenging in recent years, but with the easing of restrictions, we are more determined than ever to see our families back at school.

There are lots of ways to get involved in our school community. Some get involved in reading in the Learning Communities, helping at events such as the second-hand school uniform shop, assisting with co-curricular sporting activities or donating time or goods to the P&C fundraisers. Others take on the role of Community Connector in their child's Learning Community, organising activities and opportunities for families to meet outside of the school.

No matter how you wish to get involved, there will always be something for you! If you would like to be involved but are unsure where to start, please contact us at margarethendry@ed.act.edu.au

Working with vulnerable people and volunteering at school

Any person who has contact with children in certain circumstances must register with Access Canberra and be issued a Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) registration card. Volunteers who regularly work with children in neighbourhoods and other school activities need to be registered (regularly is determined as more than seven times in a 12 month period). Further information can be found on the Education Directorate's website.

Every Volunteer at Margaret Hendry School is required to complete a Volunteer Nomination form and Confidentiality Undertaking form available from the front office and provide their Working with Vulnerable People registration card for sighting and copying by the front office staff.

All volunteers must enter in the Administration building, sign in the 'registered' visitors book on every visit to the school. You will receive a visitors lanyard upon signing in. This must be worn while you are in the school. When you leave the school please remember to sign out and return your badge.