Conversation Groups

Conversation Exchange Group 

The Conversation Exchange Group meets Thursdays 11am – 1pm at Margaret Hendry School Community Room. .

The group offers the opportunity to build confidence and practice speaking English in a relaxed and informal setting. Each session is designed around a topic such as cultural celebrations, travel or hobbies. The group encourages participants to share their own culture and languages.

The Conversation Exchange group provides a great opportunity to develop social connections within the community. The group is welcoming of participants with any level of English, with a focus on conversation rather than a structured lesson.

The group occasionally organises social outings and gatherings such as a trip to parliament and Gold Creek Farm.

The group is facilitated by NAVITAS volunteers, Gungahlin Library Conversation Group volunteers.

Contact Lisa at Norrthside Community Services to find out more.

Craft and Conversation Group

The Craft and Conversation Group meets on Thursday afternoons from 1:30pm - 2:45pm at Margaret Hendry School Community Room. Good Omen Goodeze volunteers support the group by teaching the skill of knitting and crocheting to participants. Once participants feel confident in their crafting skills they are welcome to create handcraft gifts, which are then donated to the patients at the Canberra hospital through Good Omen Goodeze.

The group offers the opportunity for developing social connections within the community and provides a safe and supportive environment for those who would like to build their confidence in speaking English.

There is no prior knowledge required to attend the group and all necessary equipment is provided. Parents and carers are welcome to bring small children.

The group is facilitated by a number of community partners; namely Northside Community Service and Good Omen Goodeze (GOGS).

Contact Lisa at Northside Community Service to find out more.