Our Community

The last few weeks have proven to be challenging for all, but I have been amazed by the positive attitude that our school community has taken towards the return to remote learning. It has been heart-warming to hear stories from staff on how involved the children have been online and to be witness to the school community’s enthusiasm towards the Community Hive, which continues to grow with your love, help and support.

Being new to the school, I have also been impressed by how incredible our whole school staff are. Over the last few weeks, they have prepared for and dealt with a rapid move to remote learning and have done so with resolve and cohesion. There has been a combination of strain and laughter, but throughout it has been apparent that at the forefront of every effort lies their steadfast commitment to your children’s learning needs and wellbeing.

Over the last two weeks, and without compromising the absolute priority of children’s learning, staff have dug deep and successfully produced two short videos and a photo collage conveying their devotion to the school community.  We hope these heartfelt messages will give our learners and families a lift in spirits and provide some comfort during what is a difficult and uncertain time.

Continue to stay safe and connected – with each other and us,

Aimee Simpson
Director of Community and Family Engagement

Message montage video

word collage

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