Principal's Message

Welcome to the Margaret Hendry School community page. Here, you are provided with the opportunity to take a glimpse into the contemporary environments that were designed to put children at the centre of their learning.

The unique design of our learning communities inspire a love of learning in all our children, as their personal interests, skills and areas of passion are seamlessly integrated into their everyday inquiries. The social aspect of learning is celebrated at Margaret Hendry School, with collaboration at the heart of all that we do. 21st century skills develop authentically as children work collaboratively across the school and within the broader community Through collective impact we can make great things happen and positively affect the world around us.

Acknowledgement of Country

We would like to acknowledge the Ngunnawal people, past, present, and emerging. We wish to thank the Ngunnawal people for the land on which we learn, work, live and play. We are very lucky to be able to share this land and to care for this land as the Ngunnawal people have done for 60,000 years. We will always respect that under the concrete and asphalt this Is, Was and Will Always Be traditional lands of the Ngunnawal people. At MHS we show love for this special land in so many ways and care for the land for the generations moving forward. We have so much to learn from the traditional custodians of this land, the Ngunnawal people.
- Millie and Charlotte on behalf the Margaret Hendry School Community 2021.

Children’s Parliament

We have appointed student leaders who have formed our Children’s Parliament. Our Parliament members share and represent student voice and showcase learning and all the wonderful things happening in our school.

Our Ministers consist of:

  • Minister for Culture and Integrity
  • Minister for Environment
  • Minister for Play
  • Minister for Learning
  • Minister for Marketing and Communication

We are pleased to announce a new portfolio and have introduced a new Minister to our Parliament:

  • Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Our Ministers have recently been joined by student advisors to promote more leadership roles amongst the 3-6 community. The advisers work with the ministers on their portfolios to deliver key objectives across the whole school.