Children’s Parliament

Children’s Parliament

We have appointed student leaders who have formed our Children’s Parliament. Our Parliament members share and represent student voice and showcase learning and all the wonderful things happening in our school.

Our Ministers consist of:

We are pleased to announce a new portfolio and have introduced a new Minister to our Parliament:

Our Ministers have recently been joined by student advisors to promote more leadership roles amongst the 3-6 community. The advisers work with the ministers on their portfolios to deliver key objectives across the whole school.


Written by the Children's Parliament

This year’s Harmony Week was about making sure that everyone felt welcome in the Margaret Hendry School community. This plays an important part in making sure that students feel comfortable coming to school, learning and interacting with others and respecting each other for who they are.

Last year due to COVID we didn't have Harmony Week, so we didn't quite have a vision of what Harmony Week would be like this year. But surprisingly we were able to create our own vision, finding out what Harmony Week means to the students of MHS.

It was amazing week. We celebrated the week by playing sports from all over the world, by participating in a song writing competition, and by working on a whole school art project. This project is still a work in progress and we hope to finish it early next term.

Most of the children loved Harmony Week and had a great time!


By Aman the Minister for Cultural Integrity and Millie the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

On the 9th of march we celebrated international women's we collected gold coin donations that were donated to the Malala fund and accumulated to a total $356 dollars. which was a great success for Children's Parliament first ever fundraiser. We had two different types of slides of P-2, and for 3-6. Also we made an activity for P-2 and they made a portrait of an inspiring woman.


By Dhruti the Minister for Environment.

Last Friday was clean up Australia day. On this event not only we cleaned up a great lode of rubbish as a school but myself and the other ministers went around the school and explained the correct use off bins. I am happy to say that this year we have pocked up a huge amount of rubbish and i am trying to encouraged people to bring nude food to school and continue picking up rubbish if they see it.

Click here to watch a video by the Children's Parliament explaining Clean Up Australia Day.