Children’s Parliament

Children’s Parliament

Children Parliament

We have appointed student leaders who have formed our Children’s Parliament. Our Parliament members share and represent student voice and showcase learning and all the wonderful things happening in our school.

Our Ministers consist of:

We are pleased to announce a new portfolio and have introduced a new Minister to our Parliament:

Our Ministers have recently been joined by student advisors to promote more leadership roles amongst the 3-6 community. The advisers work with the ministers on their portfolios to deliver key objectives across the whole school.

The Minister’s Message:

Learning Showcase Reflection:

Our school learning showcase was on Saturday the 28th of November 2020. We hope you enjoy the video which our minister for Marketing and Communication put together with his team.

Our Children's Parliament was responsible for a number of activities.

We had a space set up on the day to share what Children’s Parliament is all about. We talked to families about our roles and encouraged them to complete our survey to find out more about our community. We collected information about places people connect to and the languages they speak.. From the completed surveys we found out that a minimum of 26 different languages are spoken in our community. We are now working on ways to display this information in our school entrance.

We also shared the amazing photographs taken by children from Preschool to Year 6 during NAIDOC week and we asked the community to ‘hot dot’ their favourite image so we can use it on the ‘Welcome to Country’ that the Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs wrote with the Minister for Cultural Integrity.

The Environmental Team hosted a bottle cap collaborative art activity representing the four school pillars. We used plastic bottle caps to show how to reuse them instead of throwing them away. The bottle cap art was not completed on the day so the team has planned to continue the activity with children during the outdoor learning breaks.

Children’s Parliament 2021

The elections for our 2021 Children’s Parliament are happening! Children in Year 5 had the opportunity to nominate for Minister positions for next year. This week all of the children who nominated for different roles are campaigning. You might have seen some posters around the school informing us of who they are and what they wish to do within the role. At the end of this week children and staff will vote and the new Minister’s will be announced at the Year 6 Graduation next week. Advisor roles for all children will be open at the beginning of next year.

We are looking forward to handing our current portfolios over to the new Ministers, which will also happen in week 10.

Thank you for reading our Minister's Message.

From the Ministers