Professional Learning Tours

Professional Learning Tours

Margaret Hendry School offers Professional Learning Tours for teachers, educators and industry partners. These tours range from a 2 hour overview through to a personalised half day tour and workshop with follow up sessions via virtual link up.

Tours offer participants the opportunity to observe what teaching and learning looks like in an innovative learning environment where learning for every child is highly personalised. Participants are provided with opportunity to ask questions of all key stakeholders within the community.

Contact the Director of Innovation and Collaborative Practice, Maxine Galante on 61422800 or email to

Share the love tour (2 hours)

Connect with our environment (2 ½-3 hours)

Let’s personalise learning (½ day)

Personalised tour to meet your requirements

Let’s work together

*additional costs for members of our team coming to consult at your site – accommodation, flights if necessary or petrol


Share the love

min 3 max 20

Connect with our environment

Min 3 Max 20

Let’s personalise learning

Min 3 – Max 10

Let’s work together

*annual fee inclusive of 10 link ups

ACT Education Directorate employees



$50 per person


Members of the FSA

$40 per person

$55 per person

$100 per person


Other School and Industry groups

$50 per person

$65 per person

$130 per person


All prices include GST