Update week 10 Term 3 2021

Produce Garden

The produce garden is now complete. We are very excited that when school resumes, we will be able to start planning with the children, the community and our staff for its future use. We hope to

plant some vegetables in the raised beds, cultivate some seedlings in our greenhouse and learn about keeping chickens.

New Learning Community

The extension to the Administration Building has recommenced under strict COVID-19 Health Directions and site-specific management guidelines. The extension is still on track to be ready for the 2022 school year, subject to weather and any COVID-19 restrictions.

new community learning

Entry to the school

Thank you for your patience and understanding in utilising the new access points. Once school resumes, we ask our families to continue to use the new entry and exit points to access the school via the gate near the Community Hub carpark.

entry to school

School Safety

Once school resumes, staff will continue to be positioned outside the main entry gates and drop off points to ensure children can safely arrive and depart school. The building site is enclosed by a construction site fence and will be locked at all times.

Margaret Hendry School Expansion

The Education Directorate has begun planning for the expansion of our school. This is to help support and accommodate enrolment predication of up to an additional 600 students over the coming decade.

We have been working with the Directorate to identify what can be achieved that does not put increased pressure on our existing school and will maximise the sustainability of the expanded school and provide tangible benefits.

To support additional student growth we will require a new Learning Community for up to 600 students that incorporates general learning settings, specialist learning settings including food technology and science, and small group programs.

We will also require additional carparking, play spaces and flexible outdoor learning areas, along with the expanded administration, library and community facilities.

The project will have new learning communities ready for the 2023 school year. We note that this may be impacted by weather and COVID-19 restrictions.

The Directorate anticipates appointing a Head Contractor in December 2021 allowing detailed design to begin and the planning for construction to begin in 2022.

Our website now contains a Question and Answer (Q&A) section to give families and our community the opportunity to find out more about certain topics or find an answer a specific question.