About Margaret Hendry School

Ruby and Kate

Margaret Hendry School is the ACT’s newest school. Located in the suburb of Taylor in north Gunghalin, the school caters for students from Taylor, Moncrieff and Casey. In 2022, the school will cater for students in Taylor and Moncrieff.

The school offers an innovative learning environment built around open learning areas and outdoor spaces. Progressive design coupled with a future-focused, evidence-based approach to education establishes Margaret Hendry as a leader in educational excellence.

Student centred learning is at the heart of our educational philosophy. Margaret Hendry delivers the Australian Curriculum  with a focus on equal access to quality education for all children. The Early Years Learning Framework  (EYLF) guides the learning of our younger students through a play-based learning experiences. The EYLF provides the foundations that children require to transition successfully to the next phase of learning. Children develop the capacity to set goals and take personal responsibility during their early years which establishes them as agents of their own learning.  Innovative use of multi-age classes reflects a commitment to personalised learning that is implemented across the school.

The foundation skills of literacy and numeracy underpin all activities to enable deep learning. Our teachers are empowered to build on this foundation by providing enriched learning scenarios in an inclusive learning community. The school contains a range of purpose built facilities for music, physical education, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

The campus is a central hub built to support and connect our community. Facilities and services include a resource centre, canteen, and out of hours care centre, plus fantastic outdoor learning and play areas. The school design allows for a growing number of primary school students and potentially a year 7-10 expansion to cater for future growth.

Margaret Hendry School is the first community facility provided in Taylor. The local community will share our six playing fields, two hard surface courts, school hall and community room – these facilities can all be hired for activities and meetings .

Parents and carers play an integral role in positive outcomes at school – their involvement is essential to a thriving school community. Being at the centre of a multicultural school community creates a rich range of experiences for students and families to connect. Parents and carers are essential to children’s success; we work together with students and their families to meet children’s academic and wellbeing needs.

Margaret Hendry School builds skills for life and shapes children as capable, productive citizens. Children in the Margaret Hendry School catchment area will go on to attend Amaroo High School or Gold Creek School.