Margaret Hendry School Library 

Librarian: Bridgette Manley

Bringing the school Library into homes

Nurturing a love of reading is a key focus for all at Margaret Hendry School. The library is considered the heart of the school and is a place of connection, learning and joy for children the community. Families access the library in a similar way to a public library, with over 155 families listed on the family borrowing system with an ability to borrow 20 books at any one time. This essentially allows families to create a home library that is regularly refreshed with school resources.

The announcement of a snap lockdown required some agile and strategic thinking about the ways in which we could continue to bring books into homes and nurture a love of reading while learning ‘Together Apart’. Our Teacher Librarian, Bridgette, and support team worked together to develop a process which enabled families to request a bundle of books be borrowed into their family account and collected from school. Children’s areas of interests, next steps for learning and potential stretch and challenge points were taken into consideration when putting together these personalised home libraries for children.  To date, the school has provided 143 families with over 1430 books.  These in home libraries bring to the fore our schools commitment to the key focus of nurturing a love of reading.  This approach combined with our family accounts for device loans, has also seen our family borrowing accounts grow to 320.  The school will support families to continue to access this service once everyone is back onsite.

Families have commented on the joy on their child’s face when receiving their home library.  They have also expressed gratitude to staff for the commitment and time spent on building personalised packs to meet their child’s needs, interests and to also spark curiosity into new concepts and passions.


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Follow the link to The Children’s Book Council of Australia Presenting the CBCA Shortlist - 2021 for information on the shortlisted books.

There will be more specific information regarding our dress up celebration and gathering for Book Week soon, but be assured it will be during week 7.

We also have a Book Fair booked in for Book Week (Week 7), however we are still confirming if this will be a physical book fair or Virtual.

Issue 5 Book Club orders have been submitted and should be delivered, sorted and ready for collection by mid-end of next week (Week 4).

If you have any library questions or wonderings, or if you would like any support with book recommendations don’t hesitate to drop into the library or email

Happy Reading!


Booster Reading is a daily program run in the library during session 1.

It provides children with an opportunity to read 1 on 1 with an adult, developing confidence, reading aloud fluency and increasing their sound letter knowledge. It also builds reading stamina, comprehension of text and teaches strategies to read unknown words.

The program uses a range of engaging and fun texts, instructional levelled reading books, fiction and non fiction texts and quality texts that support children at their point of need.

Do you have a spare hour each week to volunteer? 

We are looking for family members to join our amazing Booster Reading Team next term. It is a great way to support the school community and upskill yourself in supporting your own child with reading at home. Support will be provided and we ask for an hour 9am-10am at least once a week (without small siblings).

Please email if you are interested.


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Great books to enjoy with the whole family! Reading and rereading PICTURE BOOKS helps them become familiar. Children can then have a go reading with adults and then on their own.

Beginning CHAPTER BOOKS are great for children who are less reliant on picture cues and who are ready for longer reading sessions or multiple sessions reading the same book.

Lots of children are showing interest in GRAPHIC NOVELS. Here are some great series for children to explore the different structure of graphic novels.

It is great for children to  explore reading both FICTION and NON FICTON texts. Here are some simple INFORMATION TEXTS.

Even great readers need to be challenged! These books have challenging vocabulary, ideas or themes and are great to provoke and encourage discussion with your children.


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All children from Preschool to Year 6 will participate in the Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge. The challenge has now started and will conclude at the beginning of August. Learning coaches will provide students with a form (printed or digital) and support children in recording the titles of books they read either at home or at school. If you would like more information including reading tips follow the link.  Click Here

Year 3-6 Library

Family Borrowing

Families can

Returning Books can happen at any time. There is a tub labelled RETURNS under the library counter.

To access the library catalogue, log on to Backpack here.