Learning at home

To ensure that you are supported to continue your child’s education during this time, staff have put together both online learning for children to work through. We encourage families to record evidence of learning to be submitted to learning coaches for assessment purposes as learning tasks are completed. This can be done through writing, captured in pictures and video recordings and notated on a checklist.

The majority of the learning experiences have been designed in a way that enables children to work independently. Many of our younger children will require more guided direction.

We suggest working with each of your children to set up a learning plan for the day.  Revisit the plan regularly and reflect on areas of strength and areas that they found more challenging than others. Get up and move regularly!!  Three hours of focussed work in a day is a good goal for families educating their child at home for the first time.

Keep in contact regularly with your learning coach. In line with our communication guidelines we will get back to families within three days at the absolute latest. We recognise the need to respond as quickly as possible to support the ongoing learning and will prioritise responses to questions from children and families as best we can while still working on learning programs at school with attending children.

Preschool learning:

K-2 learning:

3-6 learning:

How-to guides:

To access the Backpack, follow this link: https://backpack.ed.act.edu.au/. From here you will be able to access Oliver (online home borrowing) and Google classrooms.