Community Noticeboard

COVID-19 reminder

A reminder that the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us and while many restrictions have been eased since last year, some restrictions are still in place in our school.

It is important that students stay home and get tested if they are unwell.

Visitors to our school, including parents and carers, should sign in using established processes, meet density requirements of one person per two square metres, and maintain physical distancing of 1.5m from other adults. Students and visitors also need to practice good hand and respiratory hygiene. You can find more information on COVID-19 and ACT public schools on the Education Directorate website.

Safe Parking Behaviours

Unsafe driving and parking behaviours increase the potential road safety risk for children around schools. Failing to follow simple road rules like parking on verges, in no stopping zones, in bus stops, near children’s crossings, on footpaths or across driveways increases the risk to other road users.

It is also important to remember that members of our school community require access to the disabled parking spaces to allow safe access. Please only use the disabled parking spaces at the school if you have a disability parking permit. The fine for parking in a disabled space without a permit is now $615.

Creating a safe environment around our schools requires a collaborative approach for the whole school community.

Part way is okay

Traffic congestion is a common issue around most schools during the morning and afternoon peak periods. Roads aren’t designed to cope with the sudden increase in traffic volumes for 15-20 minute periods and there is no traffic engineering solution to resolve this problem over such a short period.

If you need to drive, a simple way to reduce the congestion around our school is to use part way drop off or collection points. Part way points can significantly reduce the burden on the school car park and the local road network.

A great example near our school are the carparks at the adjacent sports grounds. There are ample car parking spaces available and you are only a short stroll from the school. This will help to reduce traffic exiting and entering the school, creating a safer environment for everyone.