Travelling to School

Safe school travel

There are a variety of transport options for children to commute to and from our school.

Encouraging more children to walk or ride to school will help to reduce congestion and increase safety around our school. It is also one of the most time efficient ways for children to receive the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

Children should be directed by parents to use the school crossing when approaching and leaving the school.

When driving children to school, please be aware that the turning circle in front of the school is a Kiss & Drop Zone. The Kiss & Drop Zone is designed to reduce congestion and increase safety for everyone travelling through the area.

Before and after school

School staff are not responsible for children onsite outside of school hours. Students should arrive at 9 am and leave promptly at 3 pm unless enrolled in before/after school care. Please plan your child’s trip to and from school with this in mind.

View the Ride or Walk to School Map.

Canberra Light Rail

Canberra's Light Rail will change the way people can travel in the north of the city. Many children and young people will find themselves walking, cycling near the light rail line or travelling as a passenger. There are some safety aspects that we all need to be aware of as a result of the installation and movement of light rail vehicles. Children walking, cycling or travelling on the light rail will have new sights and sounds to be aware of. Parents and Carers should talk with children about taking care around the light rail tracks and vehicles.

Some of the changes include installation of light rail track along Flemington Road, Federal Highway and Northbourne Avenue. Also, the installation of the overhead electric wire that will power the Light Rail Vehicles and is currently underway.

If your children walk, cycle or travel near the light rail environment, please share with them these safety tips: