Welcome to SchoolTalk! The information below will provide you with an understanding of the purpose of SchoolTalk and how the school uses it as a tool to personalise learning for each child. With access to the parent portal, families can stay up to date with current learning goals and progress of learning for children K-6.  Information below will assist families to understand and to navigate the parent portal of SchoolTalk.

SchoolTalk Introduction video

The four purposes of SchoolTalk are:

  1. Create efficiency for teachers- gap analysis, learning design (not yet used) differentiation and personalising learning.
  2. Further enable Agency for learners, making learning visible
  3. Real time reporting on progress and achievement for all stakeholders
  4. Creating a learning partnership with families to be involved participants in children’s learning

Accessing the parent portal

On Friday 2 August, all families will receive an invite, via email, to access the SchoolTalk Parent Portal. Simply follow the prompts to access the portal, if you have more than one child in K-6 you will receive an invite for each child. You will only need to log on once for each child, then you will be able to switch between children using within the portal.

What will you see on the parent portal?

Learning calendars - Learning coaches populate calendars with daily workshops, inquiry sessions, specialist sessions and so on. Calendars housed in SchoolTalk are personalised calendars.

Progressions - Currently, the Mathematics and Literacy progressions of the Australian Curriculum are housed in SchoolTalk. The progressions are broken down into strands for Mathematics and Literacy. We are working on further learning progressions to complete our graduate profile and these will be release in 2020.

Learning Goals - Learning goals for Mathematics and for Literacy are developed based on each child’s instructional level. Children may sit within or either side of their year level for the various strands within the progressions. Some learning goals may be broad and take some time to master whilst others may be very narrow and easily met over a few explicit sessions. Children have learning goals that sit outside SchoolTalk for areas such as’; personal inquiry/projects, social and emotional capabilities, learning dispositions and assets as well as the other learning areas of the Australian Curriculum.

Learning coaches are responsible for moving children along the progressions from ‘Working Toward’ to ‘Achieved’, and they use a variety of methods to make this determination including learning artefacts, summative and formative assessment, 1-1 and small group conferencing and professional judgement each play a role in this process.

Reports - SchoolTalk has a built-in reporting function and this allows users to view a child’s growth/ shift against the strands of Mathematics and Literacy progressions. We will begin to use this function during semester 2.

Notifications - As learning coaches upload evidence of learning against individual learning goals families will see a notification of new activity.

Help Tab - The help tab provides families with an explanation of the various functions within the portal including:

How do I:

My child’s progressions are incomplete

There are many reasons for incomplete progressions many, not all, are listed below

Incomplete progressions:

How do children use SchoolTalk?

During term 1 and 2 learning coaches were learning to navigate SchoolTalk at the same time as establishing current learning goals for all children. As you can imagine this is a time consuming yet very rewarding process.

During term 2 children in our 3-6 learning neighbourhood began to conference with learning coaches using SchoolTalk.

How frequently will updates be made?

Each Learning Coaches plan for learning using the gap analysis function of SchoolTalk. During this time and at various other times during the week, including during student conferences, learning coaches may update children’s learning goals from working evidence to confirm that a goal has been met. Net every learning goal requires evidence of the goal being met. Families will receive notifications when evidence has been uploaded. We are supporting children to grow their capacity to upload their own evidence of learning to demonstrate their mastery of learning goals.

Need Help?

This tool will be different to others you may have used like Seesaw and Story Park so there may be some teething problems as you become familiar with the portal. We are on hand to help, below are several different options available to you for ongoing support with the use of SchoolTalk