School Parking

Parking and traffic management guidelines

Managing traffic and road safety at schools is a matter for everyone in the community. Children are more at risk in road environments around schools because they are smaller and less visible to drivers. Their behaviour can be less predictable than adults and they may have errors of judgement when dealing with traffic.

School environments are often congested during the peak times, because roads and carparks aren’t built to meet the high demand and struggle to cope over a short timeframe. The school community can help to reduce congestion and improve safety for children by walking or riding to school. If you need to drive, consider part way drop off or collection points or follow these traffic management guidelines to ensure children remain safe.

More information is available on the Transport Canberra website, including a range of educational resources for school communities to promote active and safe behaviours around schools.

Parking and traffic management guidelines

Useful tips and resources

Illegal driving practices

By following these suggestions, parents will create a safer environment for children and avoid incurring fines which include:

These images below indicate where parking is available: