Our Community


‘Please share with the team our thanks for giving up their time for such a beautiful and informative showcase, it was unbelievable and so heartening’

‘If we were ever in doubt about the great stuff that happens at MHS we no longer are! Our child has thrived. Our child is in preschool and took us on such a detailed tour of preschool. It blew us away! The she confidently took us on a tour of the remainder of the neighbourhoods. We were so impressed with what we saw children doing, saying and creating. We can see the shift from traditional to innovative and personal is just so empowering, you can see this across the school. Well done to your whole team, we are incredibly impressed’.

‘It’s a joy to be back in the neighbourhoods, the children are so excited to show us around and share their learning. In such a tough year their growth is incredible. We loved showing pop around he was so excited’.

‘Having children in P- K-2, 3-6, you can see the connection as the learning grows and builds across the school. My children are so different from each other but their strengths are recognised and built on in so many ways. We loved it. We have tears because it went too quickly.’

‘ As a new family for 2021, the showcase gave us a really good insight into the how and what- our children P and K-2 are very excited, thanks for including us’.

‘I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the information session last night. It is clear every time I hear MHS’ leadership team speak that you are all so across the pedagogy, the research and the benefits of this approach to learning. I gget so excited hearing you all speak about how the learning in structured, and inspired by your focus and your passion for education. I am absolutely overjoyed that my child gets to attend such a progressive school and is exposed to such amazing educators. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I wish I had the oppourtunity to attend a school like MHS when I was a kid! Thank you for all you do for the school and our little learners!’