Margaret Hendry School Q&As

Margaret Hendry School Q&As

When will the new playground work begin and when will they be ready to use?  

The new works to the playground will commence on Friday, 11 June 2021, with most of the construction taking place during the June/July holidays. We anticipate the new playground will be available for use by the start of Term 3. However, as with many construction projects, the completion date may be impacted by a range of issues outside of our control.  We will provide updates and keep you informed about the progress.

new playground

When will the new learning space extension start and when will it be ready?

learning space extension

To ensure the school is equipped to meet the increasing student population predicted in the coming years, an extension to the Administration building will commence from Saturday, 26 June 2021. The new space will provide an additional flexible and adaptable learning community area that will be ready for the 2022 school year.

Will outdoor play space be impacted during construction?  

No, because the play equipment and garden work will be installed during the June/July holidays the playground will still be accessible.

A portion of the grounds (not part of the dedicated playground) will be fenced off to provide a safe perimeter for construction and the construction office sites for the Administration building extension. The fenced area is marked on the map below:

outdoor play space

 Are there any impacts to the School Holiday Program or Out of Hours School Care (OHSC)? 

The School Holiday Program and OHSC will continue to be fully operational. During the June/July school holidays the School Holiday Program will operate from the transportable and will have access to the ‘loose parts’ play area and the Community Hub playground. This is to ensure designated safe areas for the children and staff whilst the construction works occur in the main playground. Entry and exit points will be via the Community Hub playground gate and through to the transportable. Please see the map below:

School Holiday Program

During Term 3 and 4, the OHSC program will operate from the Hall. Access will be via the southern entry door. There will be no direct pedestrian access from the carpark to the Hall, instead entry to the school will be via the school’s main entry, the gate near the Community Hub carpark, and then via the southern doors of the Hall.  The school’s car park will not be affected. The map below identifies how to access the Hall during this time:

families and visitors

How do students, families and visitors enter the school grounds?

The safety of our students, families and visitors is important to us so we will be changing the entry points to the school during the construction process.  From the start of Term 3, Monday 12 July, the main access to the school will be via the gate near the Community Hub carpark (see map above).

What safety precautions will be in place to keep our children safe throughout the building process? 

The building site will be enclosed by a construction site fence and will be locked at all times.  The fence will be put up prior to the  construction work starting.

 How is parking and safety being managed whilst the construction takesplace?

No construction vehicles will be permitted to park in the school’s carpark and the current number of  carparks available at the school will remain throughout the construction process.

To keep our students, families and community safe, the builder’s site will be fully fenced and completely self-contained. Construction deliveries will be carefully managed to avoid pick-up and drop-off times and the speed limit of all vehicles will be at walking pace to all areas.

 Will there be disruptions to the school operations? 

The quality and standard of learning at Margaret Hendry School will not be impacted by the construction works. The safety and learning environment for students and staff is very important to the ACT Government.

With any infrastructure works in a school, there may be some noise and disruption and we will limit this impact to students, parents, staff, and neighbours. Safety is a high priority for us, and Work Health and Safety is a key focus on our building sites. All tradespeople are required to adhere to strict Work Health and Safety regulations, and this will be no different at Margaret Hendry School.

If you see an emergency or safety risk please call the building site supervisor on 0428 941 797.

If you have any questions about the project please email

How can I ask a question?

Please email your question to and we will respond to your query.